The Goal

After a long period of designing and testing, “PURE EQUIPMENT IKE” proudly presents the innovative “PURE” indoor CONTINUOUS air disinfection devices (iCadd) that are being manufactured from A to Z in Greece.

Air Disinfection Certificate against COVID-19 by the accredited laboratories of the Department of Public Health of the Medical School of the University of Patras

The Result

Utilizing ultraviolet radiation UV-C (253,7 nm) “PURE” iCadd can not only neutralise up to 99,9% of all known airborne bacteria and viruses, the growth of fungi, unpleasant odours, allergenic substances and volatile organic compounds, but also minimise the spread of viral and bacterial infections without the use of chemical substances, biological filters or any other already existing methods.

The application of “PURE” iCadd can be considered as an ideal tool for diminishing the risk of transfection in all health controlled environments and a necessary addition to all the procedures concerning the control of the microbial content in the air of offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, nursing homes etc. As a result to this, they can be included in the RISK MANAGEMENT of related quality standards of the air of these spaces.