Disinfection Procedure

Utilizing ultraviolet radiation UV-C (253,7 nm) “PURE” iCadd can not only neutralise up to 99,9% of all known airborne bacteria and viruses, the growth of fungi, unpleasant odours, allergenic substances and volatile organic compounds, but also minimise the spread of viral and bacterial infections without the use of chemical substances, biological filters or any other already existing methods.

Ιn “PURE” iCadd the UV-C radiation and disinfection of the air takes place inside a closed chamber, without any leak of radiation to the environment. This certified procedure, based on the continuous air recirculation through the devices, guarantees an absolutely SAFE and TOTAL disinfection of the air of any indoor space. “PURE” devices have been certified for no radiation leakage by the Greek National Center of Certification and Laboratory Tests (EVETAM/MIRTEC).

All “PURE” iCadd are certified for their safe operation and for their efficiency against SARS-CoV-2( COVID-19) and all known airborne bacteria, viruses and germs by the the accredited Laboratories of the Department of Public Health of the Medical School of the University of Patras and other state and private accredited laboratories (QUALITECH Engineering & Compliance).

“PURE” iCadd do not generate ozone. The UV-C lamps (PHILIPS, OSRAM or LEDVANCE) used in the “PURE” iCadd are OZONE-FREE certified, with doped quartz glass which blocks the ozone-forming radiation.

Furthermore, all PURE devices bare a high-grade activated carbon filter which absorbs and neutralizes all toxic gaseous pollutants from chemicals, cigarette smoke, smog, fog, odors from cooking, from pets etc.